Watch: New York Giants’ Michael Boley Fires Football Into Bystanders after Scoring

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Well, that’s gotta hurt. New York Giants linebacker Michael Boley returned a fumble for a 65-yard touchdown during a game against the St. Louis Rams. Boley, part of the defensive line which rarely has the opportunity to score, just tacked on six points to his team’s score. A cause for celebration, no?

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But his post-TD dance proved painful for one ill-placed bystander. Boley, strutting into the end zone with a stiff arm, appears to give the ball a (failed) spike. Instead, the pigskin travels forward with major gusto (bet Eli Manning wishes he had an arm like that), straight into the face of Giants video intern Ryan Brown. Ricocheting off Brown, the football then knocks the cameraman, who misses nary a beat and continues to film the celebration.

Boley’s celebration seems little more than a gut reaction, so the morning after, it’s more of a laughable moment than a punishable one. After all, Brown told the Star-Ledger that the only fallout from the incident was that he’s “getting blown up on Facebook.”

So for the Giants last night, it was wins all around. Boley helped notch a 28-16 win for his team, and Brown got his moment on camera rather than behind it.

Too fast for you above? See the slow-mo replay here:

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