Reading While Eating for September 21: The Way the Cookie Crumbles

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Brandon Malone / Reuters

England (L) and Georgia contest a scrum during their Rugby World Cup Pool B match at Otago Stadium in Dunedin September 18, 2011

Wednesday’s links talk September songs and German hangovers.

Rich Kids: In this dismal economic climate, cash-strapped colleges are preferring wealthier students, who do not need financial aid, in their admissions decisions. (New York Times)

Bunny Business: A former real-life Playboy Bunny recaps the new NBC series, The Playboy Club. Shocker — it’s not all that realistic. (Vanity Fair)

Chocolate Milk: This invention is blowing our minds right now. Imagine a tea bag, filled with leftover Oreo crumbles, that will make your milk taste like Oreos. Genius. (The Daily What)

Song of the Day: Do you remember the 21st night of September? If Earth, Wind & Fire is now stuck in your head, check out the top 10 date-specific songs. (TIME)

What Happened Last Night: Sure, Oktoberfest is great fun. But there are always casualties from too many nights of too much drinking. (LIFE)

Hair Apparent: Watch the evolution of women’s hairstyles through the years. (Viral Viral Videos)