Australian Ikea Store Introduces MÄNLAND, a Daycare for Husbands

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The land of Swedish meatballs, color-coded spoons and squishy stuffed animals is now complete with a hubby-daycare center, complete with a buzzer reminding spouses to pick them up on your way out.

A Sydney, Australia Ikea store has clued into that not-so-hidden face that men make when, like it or not, they are going shopping. So during Father’s Day weekend, which is celebrated in September in Australia, the Sydney store introduced its rather interesting MÄNLAND concept. While it only ran for four glorious days, these lucky men were given a temporary respite from the duties of picking out forks and dishes.

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The women were given 30-minute buzzers to remind them to pick up their men, while their husbands, boyfriends, fathers and brothers escaped to a nirvana-filled area of Xbox 360s, pinball machines, televised sporting events and free hot dogs. (It seems that this might have been a meatball-free area.)

Given the rather ingenuity of the event, I must suggest another proposition. Any Home Depots want to stock a WOMÄNLAND filled with fresh fruit, several Cosmo issues, and the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode running in the background? What’s that? No? It was worth a shot.

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