Have a Dog-Day Hotel Stay: Some Resorts Now Offering Pets as Perks

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REUTERS/Ian Hodgson

Hotel for Dogs? No, thanks. Hotels with dogs? Yes, please!

Anyone who’s spent a significant amount of time staying in fine hotels has likely become accustomed to certain offered luxuries such as impossibly soft robes, tiny bottles of shampoo, and 24-hour room service. But some hotels are now offering up something new: puppies! The New York Times reports that ten Fairmount Hotels are now staffing canines which are kept in the front lobby and available on request by guests for walks and general companionship.

Also, the Red Mountain Resort and Spa in Utah has a trained guide dog leading hikes with her trainer throughout the area. And for those who want to test a walking companion of their own, the resort also offers puppies from a local shelter to accompany guests on their walks. Added bonus: if you fall in love with your tiny canine guide, you can take him or her home with you. Talk about a souvenir.

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