WATCH: Willow the Cat Reunites with Her Family, May Become Star of a Children’s Book

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Bebeto Matthews/Associated Press

NewsFeed has been chronicling the saga of Willow the Cat (or, “the cat who went rogue”) diligently, and now we’re here to report that the beloved calico is reunited with her Colorado family—and more fame may be around the corner.

After being reunited with her family Thursday night, Willow flew back to New York with the now-complete Squires family to appear on The Today Show Friday morning.

If you can get past the fact that some production assistant thought it would be hilarious to play “Memory” from the musical everyone loves to hate, “Cats,” in the beginning of the segment, or the unsettling cats popping up everywhere, the piece is actually quite heartwarming.

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For those not familiar with Willow’s story, the six-year-old cat had been missing for five years after she ran away from home near the Rocky Mountains. She turned up 1,800 miles away from home wandering the streets of Manhattan. She wound up in New York after a vacationing skier found her in Colorado, who grew attached and brought her back to New York on a plane. After she was found in Manhattan, she was traced back to her family thanks to a microchip.

Of course, we’re hardly surprised that the mother of the family, Jamie Squires, is planning on cashing in on this incredible story, turning Willow’s journey into a children’s book. In all fairness, it does have all the makings of a popular children’s tale. Or is that just because it’s basically a “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey” redux?

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