Reading While Eating for September 26: Unusual Occasions

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Morteza Nikoubazl / Reuters

Art installation, made with identification tags similar to those of soldiers killed during Iran-Iraq war, is pictured

From celebrating a long life to mourning a death in an unusual way, today’s must-read links deal with some pretty momentous rites of passage. 

Test Drives Aren’t Just For Cars Anymore: Considering a tattoo? Consider this article first. Bonus: the top five reasons people have their tattoos removed. (BBC)

Zesty Farewell: Doritos will be sprinkled over the grave of the tasty chip’s creator. (NBC)

Carving a Good Tune: Musical saw players are exactly what they sound like and, yes, they are amazing. (TIME)

HBD Gucci: One of the most iconic houses in fashion turns 90. Here’s a not-so-brief history of Gucci. (Guardian)

New Road Trip Playlist:

Apart from being a vehicle for Ryan Gosling’s smoldering looks, Drive has a pretty spectacular soundtrack. Are you obsessed with it yet? If you’re not, consider what the movie would be with a different soundtrack. Not so impressive now, is it?  Best to stick to the original — on repeat.