Google Celebrates Its Birthday With A Doodle, Naturally

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Happy Birthday, Google!

What, you didn’t think Google would let the occasion slip by without a little Doodle-recognition, did you?

The search giant is marking its 13th birthday in a way they typically reserve for honoring others — with a Doodle. As of September 27, Google has entered into adolescence and to mark the occasion their homepage features an illustration of the party-hat adorned logo, sitting behind a white birthday cake.

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Of course, anyone familiar with Google’s past Doodles, knows that this illustration is on the tamer side. After all, we’ve seen animated Doodles and Doodles that you can interact with. In comparison, the birthday Doodle is far less showy.  Then again, according to the records from StatsCounter, Google commands a 90% share of the global internet search market. With stats like that, they don’t really need to toot their own horn too ostentatiously, do they?

Happy birthday, Google. With love, NewsFeed.

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