Tumblr of the Week: Fauxgo

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It’s surprising how many fictional companies out there ring a bell as if they were real.

This week’s Tumblr is Fauxgo, which catalogues the logos for all those companies that reside only in the world of movies and television shows. As the description reads, “A fauxgo (fake logo) is a symbol or other small design created to represent a fictional company or organization that exists only on film.”

Remember Vince Vaughn’s company, Speaker City, from Old School? Or the Acme brand that Wile E. Coyote used in Looney Tunes with hilarious consequences? Or How I Met Your Mother‘s Goliath National Bank? Fauxgo sure does.

It seems like a basic enough concept, until you spend some time perusing the different logos. (Excuse us, fauxgos.) In real-life, advertisers bang on about brand recognition as the holy grail of marketing. After realizing how much of that brand recognition carries over from the make-believe world of movies, we’ve got to admit that there’s definitely something to it. Now we’d just like to see a Tumblr that features fictional commercials.

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