Crying Kids and CPR: 5 Standout Details from Conrad Murray’s Trial

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It’s been called the O.J Simpson trial of the 21st century and the death trial. It’s even spawned a companion iPhone app. The verdict is still out, but the trial of Conrad Murray, the doctor who is charged with killing Michael Jackson via drug prescriptions, has not been without hooplah or macabre moments.  Check out a few of the trial’s standout moments — so far.

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1. Mysterious Cream: Michael Amir Williams, Jackson’s personal assistant, took the stand yesterday to divulge Murray’s bizarre immediate reaction to Jackson’s critical condition. “We were making small talk about how horrible it was, just tearing (up).” The doctor then said ‘there’s some cream in Michael’s room or house that he wouldn’t want the world to know about ‘… so he requested I or someone else give him a ride back to house to get it.” Williams, for the record, did not comply with the request; he instead lied and said police had taken his keys.


2. A Case of the Munchies: Williams also revealed that, once at the hospital, Murray’s thoughts were occupied with gastronomy, not the King of Pop’s life-or-death situation. “(Murray) said he was hungry,” Williams said. “He hadn’t eaten all day or night, something to that effect. And he wanted a ride to get some food.”

3. In Sickness and in Health: One of the most troubling aspects of Jackson’s passing is the questionable nature of his health leading up to his death. Kathy Jorrie, the attorney for concert promoter AEG, received constantly conflicting reports of Jackson’s condition as he prepared for his “This Is It” concert. Jorrie testified that Murray requested a CPR machine be present during Jackson’s London “This Is It” performances. When she asked why, he cited the strenuous nature of the concerts and Michael’s age. The day before Jackson died, however, Murray told her the singer was in “perfect health.”

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4. What The Kids Saw: Witnesses testified that Jackson’s three children may have been a bit too close for comfort when disaster struck. Faheem Muhammad, head of security for Jackson, said in court, “Paris is on the ground, balled up, crying. And Prince, was just standing there, and he was just, he had a real shock, just slowly crying. Dr. Murray asked the question, ‘Does anyone know CPR?'”

5. The King of Pop Speaks: By far the most chilling part of this days-long affair was the sound and sight of Jackson slurring his words after visits to Murray’s office, where he received doses of Demerol.


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