Reading While Eating for October 4: About Time

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Navesh Chitrakar / Reuters

A man carries in a shopping bag ducks to be sacrificed at a livestock market in Kathmandu October 3, 2011. The Hindu festival of Navaratri, also known as the Dasain festival, celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Hindus will also offer sacrificial animals during the festival

Tuesday’s links talk evolution, second chances and the importance of pausing.

Healthwashing: Let’s be honest. Nobody orders a salad at McDonald’s. But “healthy” options at fast-food restaurants aren’t that healthy to begin with. (Healthland)

Seriously, This Exists: Speaking of gluttony, some Taco Bell franchises are offering taco shells made from Doritos. Yup. (Los Angeles Times)

Try, Try Again: Aspiring authors, take heart. These 10 best-selling books were originally rejected. (Flavorwire)

Sports Great: See rare, previously unpublished photos of baseball legend Babe Ruth. (LIFE)

Ctrl-Alt-Delete: Whoops. Looks like some news sites jumped the gun on the Amanda Knox case, publishing stories of her guilty verdict. (The Daily What)

Tech Progress: Use your new iPhone to watch this montage of Zack Morris’ brick phone from Saved by the Bell, and appreciate how technology has evolved. (Vulture)