So This Exists: Method Man Raps About Sour Patch Kids in New Commercial

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Sour Patch Kids aren’t just the gummy bite-sized rainbow treats of yore. 

Armed with humanoid features, an upcoming video game and a two-million-fan-strong Facebook page, the candy cavorters enlisted some very unlikely promotional help.

Rapper Method Man’s new song and accompanying music video “World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)” chronicles the decorated rapper’s anxiety over inch-long sugary doodads wreaking havoc on the world he knows and loves. Curse words abound and the kids spend time “clogging up your toilet with a poop-eating grin.” (Fear not, he supplements that lyric with a corresponding gesture).

Method Man delivers a melodic performance and the video includes delightful footage of animated Sour Patch Kids deleting someone’s Facebook friends. In spite, or maybe because, of this, the song is altogether confusing and delicious.

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