Julia Roberts, America’s Sweetheart? One Dog Begs to Differ

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If the shirtless man reading Brides magazine doesn’t entertain you, the dog’s reaction to something inside the magazine certainly will.

The video says it all, really: this dog definitely does not (eat, pray) love Julia Roberts. One look at her Lancome ad in Brides and he backs away slowly and fearfully. Proving that this wasn’t a fluke, a second glance gets the same reaction (and a disembodied laugh).

There’s no denying that this husky has some strong opinions, and nearly 300,000 YouTube viewers share the sentiment.

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Apparently, the aforementioned shirtless man also warranted a reaction, so the video’s camerawoman posted clarification on the YouTube page.

“For those who have asked….. and are wondering, my fiance (i.e. the guy in the video) was not reading brides magazine!” she wrote. “I (i.e. the girl laughing her ass off filming this video) was the one reading the magazine when the whole thing went down, if you read the paragraph under the video you’ll see how it all happened. Thanks for the comments!”

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