Zsa Zsa’s Husband Prince Frederic Announces His Run for LA Mayor

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Courtesy PrinceFrederic.com

Prince Frederic's billboard shouts his candidacy to drivers on Sunset Boulevard.

Perhaps managing his wife’s ever-faltering health will give him the know-how to run the nation’s second-largest metropolis?

OK, probably not. And of course, cue the jokes about a royal running for elected office. But just like his “Prince” title, is his bid in name only? The only word on Prince Frederic von Anhalt’s candidacy so far has been the appearance of a giant billboard on Sunset Boulevard.

A press conference set for 11 a.m. Friday by all accounts never materialized. Perhaps it was due to his wife Zsa Zsa Gabor’s frequent health problems – she was returned to the hospital Saturday after losing consciousness at home. Doctors have expressed “guarded optimism” about the 94-year-old actress’s recovery.

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We digress, but realistically, the 68-year-old Prince Frederic is only famous for being Zsa Zsa’s husband. Can he leap into the loopy world of politics without regard for his celebrity status? “400,000 people out of jobs and 40,000 homeless. I see people eating out of trash cans every day. This must end,” he told TMZ.

He hopes (or so the billboard says) to become the next mayor of Los Angeles in 2013 when current mayor Antonio Villaraigosa reaches his term limit. The billboard, featuring an all-smiles Prince Frederic and a few of his campaign goals, is familiar to some Zsa Zsa fanatics. It was the same spot where he posted a message in July to mark his 25th wedding anniversary to Zsa Zsa.

He planned to run for California governor in 2010 as an independent candidate but was forced to drop out due to his wife’s ailing health. And with her most recent hospitalization coming just a day after his announcement, are we unfair to predict he’ll drop out shortly?

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