Gluttony Alert: Racetrack Touts New Bacon-Topped Funnel Cake

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Charlotte Motor Speedway

Hot on the heels of news of Denmark’s fat tax comes this fried Stateside wonder.

In what can only be described as a nutritional step backward, Charlotte Motor Speedway unveiled a brand spankin’ new treat called the “Funnel Bacakonator.”

“Bacakonator,” a disturbing hybrid of “bacon” and “cake,” pretty much describes the dessert in all its glory: a funnel cakeĀ topped with bacon and chocolate and strawberry sauces.

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It may seem like the raceway, home of Saturday night’s Bank of America 500 Sprint Cup Race, is trying to butter up the national obesity rate. In reality, the funnel cake was introduced alongsideĀ “Danica Patrick’s Fit Fuel Menu,” which will feature items like turkey and veggie burgers, fruit and vegetables, trail mix and healthy energy bars.

But if salad and energy bars don’t fuel your fancy and you need an entree for your Funnel Bacakonator, look no further than the newest burger selection: a beef patty with pimento macaroni and cheese and crumbled pork rinds.

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