Harold Camping’s Back, With a Brand-New Doomsday Prediction

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Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP

In this May 23, 2011 photo, Harold Camping speaks during a taping of his show Open Forum in Oakland, Calif.

The end of the world is nigh – again.

Doomsday prophet Harold Camping is once more predicting an apocalypse, and apparently we don’t have long left. The 90-year-old California radio mogul has pointed to October 21 on the calendar, by which date he reckons it will “probably” all be over.

But this time around he is not warning of souls burning up and ascensions to heaven from the sidewalks of Manhattan. Instead Camping,  the owner of the Family Radio Network, believes it will be a much quieter affair.

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“I really am beginning to think as I restudied these matters that there’s going to be no big display of any kind. The end is going to come very, very quietly, probably within the next month. It will happen, that is, by October 21,” he stated in a recent radio recording.

Camping became infamous earlier this year for incorrectly heralding the arrival of the Rapture on May 21. Followers across the U.S. spent millions on advertising campaigns warning people of the eventual non-event.

Despite admitting that he was “flabbergasted” that the world still existed, Camping insisted his erroneous warning had in fact been correct – but that only a spiritual “Judgment Day” had occurred.

Nonetheless, reports suggest Camping didn’t take the whole episode too well and suffered a stroke in June. But he has made a partial recovery since and is now back to broadcasting – until Oct. 21, of course.

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