A Floor of One’s Own: Select Hotels Now Offering Women-Only Spaces

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Ray Kachatorian / Getty

Sometimes a gal just needs to get away, are we right?

MSNBC is reporting on the (slowly) rising trend of women-only floors offered by hotels around the world, for female travelers who would rather keep (and sleep) away from men. First cropping up in the early aughts, hotels in Copenhagen, Vancouver, New York, Singapore and Washington have started offering the segregated suites for an additional fee (around $30-$50 USD).

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According to a focus group study conducted by the Hotel Bella Sky Comwell in Copenhagen, more than half of the female respondents reportedly preferred female-only floors because “it provides a sense of security; it feels more hygienic to know that the previous guest was also a woman and they prefer rooms tailored to women’s needs.”

More than just a no-man’s land, reportedly these rooms also offer a few lady-inspired luxuries: extra hangers for skirts and dresses, curling and flat irons, champagne and chocolate filled mini-fridges and yoga mats.

No word yet on whether the Danielle Steele novels are provided or if you have to bring your own. (Kidding!)

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