Iceland Braces For an Even Bigger Volcano Eruption

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Paisley Dodds / AP

Vik, an Icelandic town of 300 situated near Katla

Experts are saying a volcano in Iceland is threatening to erupt, and it could send up an ash cloud that would make last year’s massive air-traffic disruption seem minor.

The much more powerful volcano, called Katla, is also much more pronounceable compared to the nearby Eyjafjallajokull that halted thousands of flights across Europe in April and May last year that cost airlines $2 billion.

Katla’s last major eruption was in 1918, and it was catastrophic. The ash blocked sunlight, resulting in dead crops and  livestock. The eruption also caused the volcano’s ice covering to melt, which led to devastating floods.

Small earthquakes in the surrounding areas are making an eruption more likely, according to seismologists. Icelandic officials have an evacuation plan and temporary housing in place. (via AP)

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