Paula Deen Named Hottest Celebrity Chef

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John Parra / WireImage / Getty Images

Paula Deen attends the South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami on Feb. 27, 2011

The way to a man’s heart, they say, is through his stomach. Never has it been truer than in this Maxim study.

Paula Deen, famous for her love of riding things, has ridden the rankings all the way to the top. Her fatty, fried and – above all – butter-laden concoctions have found their way into our hearts (and our arteries), making Deen the most beloved chef on TV.

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The Southern belle might not be eye candy the likes of Maxim’s runners up, Food Network kitchen catch Giada DeLaurentiis and Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi.

But the 64-year-old chef plays a trump card with her signature dishes that cast aside all caloric caution. Maxim, perhaps realizing that Deen wasn’t quite as photogenic as the lower-ranked chefs, used Deen’s favorite and most infamous ingredient – a stick of butter – to illustrate her.

Earlier this year, fellow chef Anthony Bourdain called Deen the “most dangerous person” in America. Well, Mr. Bourdain, it appears we men like living on the edge. We love Paula like we love a greasy basket of fried chicken, anything made with bacon, or eating frosting straight out of the jar.

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