Tumblr of the Week: My Band T-Shirt

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My Band T-Shirt

Attention, music lovers! This week’s Tumblr is for you.

NewsFeed’s Tumblr of the Week is My Band T-Shirt, which allows readers to indulge in a little band memorabilia and the nostalgia of their favorite group. Created by Jude Rogers and Ian Wade, the Tumblr collects images of readers favorite band t-shirt as well as the story of how and why the shirt came to mean so much to them.

Some of the best Tumblrs out there allow us to indulge in the past, and this one is no different. As the creators describe on their About page, band t-shirts hold a particular allure for them because “they said things about us, told stories about us, took us back to times, places and people”. More than just a fashion blog, My Band T-Shirt is a personal history blog. Every shirt has a history that goes beyond the music: there’s the stolen shirt that saw its share of parties (it is a rock n’ roll, after all); there’s the shirt that inspired a hug from Courtney Love; and there’s the shirt that, more than two decades later, still brings back teenage angst and arguments with parents.

Like any trip down someone else’s memory lane, it’ll definitely give you renewed appreciation for your own musical memories.

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