A 100-Year Old Man Finished a Marathon. What Have You Done Today?

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David Bebber / Reuters

A week ago, a woman gave birth 7 hours after finishing the Chicago marathon.  This weekend, she was upstaged by someone well past their child-rearing years.

Fauja Singh, aged 100 years young, finished the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in an impressive 8 hours, 25 minutes, and 17 seconds. “The Turbaned Tornado,” as he’s been nicknamed, raced in style and good humor; he wore a yellow t-shirt that read “Sikhs in the City.”


Singh is now in the Guinness Book of World Records for his feats of strength. He started running competitively after the death of his wife and son 11 years ago, when he decided to break a world record rather than wallow in sadness.

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This was Singh’s tenth marathon. He says he does not want his glory to end here, though — he also hopes to participate in the torch relay for the London Olympics next year.  Singh attributes his health and longevity to a simple vegetarian diet, a stress-free outlook and, naturally, running.

“His will cannot be captured,” biographer Khushwant Singh told the TV show Amazing Indians. “It cannot be trapped.”

Singh has said, “I won’t stop running until I die.” We have a feeling he’ll keep that promise.

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