Video: Author Naomi Wolf Arrested at Occupy Wall Street Protest

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M. Von Holden/ Getty Images

Occupy Wall Street: now with more famous arrests.

Feminist author and activist Naomi Wolf can now be counted among those who’ve gone down in the name of Occupy Wall Street. Apparently, late Tuesday night, during a Huffington Post ceremony honoring new York Governor Andrew Cuomo at Manhattan’s Skylight Soho, a group of about 50 protesters had gathered outside. The award ceremony was attended by many celebrities, including Wolf, who writes for the site. Cuomo was being singled out as “game changer of the year,” but Cuomo is also against imposing a tax on the wealthy, which has made him unpopular with the 99 percent.

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As Wolf was leaving the event, police officers were ordering the protesters to stay off the street.  Reportedly, after hearing this, Wolf told the officers that those gathered “didn’t need a permit for a megaphone” and that they weren’t actually blocking the sidewalk.

That small offense — or rather, defense — apparently led to the officers cuffing and detaining Wolf and her companion. It’s not clear exactly what Wolf has been charged with, however most of the arrests made during the “Occupy” protests have led to misdemeanor charges.

Meanwhile, inside the Skylight Soho building, Kim Kardashian was awarded a “business leader” award.

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