A Smelly Spot: Luvs Diaper Commercial Voted ‘Worst Ad in America’

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Turns out there is something more disturbing than a commercial with a depressing, feuding couple.

A Consumerist reader poll officially declared that Luvs Diapers’ “Poop, There It Is” commercial is the Absolute Worst Ad in America.

The ad, which features an animated baby talent show where the judges assign scores based on how much fecal matter each of the three grunting tots can dump into their diapers, earned slightly more than 32% of the vote, beating out the runner up, an AT&T ad (23.98%) in which a man’s wife decides to unload what appears to be decades of pent-up anger after he tells her he signed the family up for some sort of unlimited texting plan.

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Improbably, (though unsurprisingly, based on its title) the Luvs commercial changed the lyrics of the classic “Whoomp! There It Is!” to fit the revolting theme of baby poop. To make matters worse, the diapers inflate to comically large sizes after the babies do their business.

It took a truly gross ad like this to beat the AT&T one, which airs ad nauseam and maintains the thinnest of connections with the product it’s selling. Consumerist notes that the AT&T ad would have gotten more votes had it not been up against another AT&T spot, one starring a screaming arachnophobe who also seems to have trouble discerning a photo of a spider from the real thing. That spot finished in fourth place with 14.32% of the vote, just behind the Summer’s Eve ad (17.5%) that aims to equate female empowerment with their douching products.

The Consumerist also posted “winners” for categories such as “Most Grating Performance By a Human” and “Trend That Needs to Stop Being a Trend.” Hopefully, Luvs, AT&T et al will see these numbers as encouragement to diversify their advertising arsenal.

Full results can be found here.

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