Is This Gaddafi? Graphic Photos, Video Reportedly Show Captured Libyan Leader

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Warning: The following post contains photos that are extremely graphic.

Libyan rebels have circulated a cell phone photo of a pale man who resembled Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, reportedly from the fall of his hometown of Sirte. Television stations around the world have aired the photo, though there is no clear confirmation that the man in the photo is indeed Gaddafi. Abubaker Saad, who worked with Gaddafi for nine years, told CNN he was 90% sure the photo is of him.

It is not clear from the photo whether the man is dead or merely wounded. According to Reuters, it is common for anti-Gaddafi fighters to photograph battlefield scenes.

The photo comes as quickly developing reports swirl of Gaddafi’s death, though many reports make sure to note nothing has been officially confirmed. Al-Jazeera reports that his body has been taken to a secret location.

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Update, 11:05 AM EDT: Reuters has released this clearer framegrab of who they say is Gaddafi; they mention details are hazy, but the facial features are unmistakable.

Al-Jazeera also has posted extremely graphic footage of Gaddafi’s body in Sirte. You can head to YouTube to view for yourself.

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