Flush with Success: Chicago’s Field Museum Wins ‘Best Restroom’ Title

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Raymond Boyd/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

A front view of the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois

Put your hands together: the Field Museum has been awarded the prestigious title of America’s Best Restroom. Just make sure you wash before applauding.

For those of us who thought that a visit to the museum was boring an opportunity to enrich one’s mind, think again. Believe it or not, this is the 10th annual contest to uncover the finest restroom in the U.S.

When you enter their restroom, be prepared for an experience simply unmatched at any of the Field’s rivals. They were praised for two sizable break rooms which showcase artwork of the night sky. According to sponsor Cintas Corp. (which knows a thing or two about this area, as they design and manufacture restroom supplies), it results in “a calming image that also absorbs sound.”

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Other touches include eco-friendly automated faucets and hand dryers, a “tot area,” nursing room (with sofa in the women’s) and the bathrooms are cleaned every hour, which certainly seems laudable.

For the record, the Field defeated the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts in Arizona, which came in second. The Scottsdale Center was able to offer terrazzo floors in its restroom and a lighting system that moves from blues to greens and golds. Even though that sounds incredibly pleasant, it couldn’t land the top spot.

On their heels was the awesomely named Presidential Luxury Restroom Trailer in Chantilly, Va., which was created in honor of President Obama’s inauguration in 2009. It’s surely win-win for Obama as, being a former Senator for Illinois, he can still bask in the Field’s triumph.

As for the winning museum, its VP of finance, Jim Croft, said that the Field “strives to give visitors the best service and exhibitions; we also feel this about the amenities.” You don’t say, Mr. Croft. (via the Chiacgo Tribune)

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