Carhenge for Sale: Own a Nebraska Landmark for $300,000

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Glen Allison / Stone / Getty Images

One of Nebraska’s most popular tourist attractions is up on the auction block.

Just outside of Alliance in western Nebraska, Carhenge was conceived as a tribute to England’s prehistoric Stonehenge, constructed of vintage cars instead of stone monoliths.  It is operated by the nonprofit organization Friends of Carhenge, who are offering it for sale at a price of $300,000.

Carhenge was built in 1987 by the artist James Reinders, with the help of his relatives at a family reunion.  Thirty-eight old cars were spray-painted gray and arranged in a circular formation; a 1962 Caddy serves as the heel stone.  Sitting on 10 acres of former farmland, Carhenge is a playful, Americana-infused take on an ancient wonder.

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Sadly, Friends of Carhenge does not have the resources to further expand the site.  “Because we are somewhat limited in money, we can’t develop the land as we should,” Marcia Buck, president of the Friends of Carhenge, told the Lincoln Journal Star.  The group had envisioned adding a campground, go-cart track, and gas station to attract more visitors and generate greater revenue.  Now, money from the expected sale will be used to pay off operating loans, as well as to start an art scholarship and promote local tourism.

More than 80,000 visitors make a pilgrimage to the site each year, where admission is free and the grounds are open all day, every day.  Tourism is particularly popular during the summer solstice.

If a suitable buyer does not emerge, Friends of Carhenge insist that they will continue to take care of the landmark.  For anyone interested in owning this slice of quirky roadside kitsch, it’s time to start gathering your pennies.

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