Cornel West Arrested Again At Occupy Protest

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Video Screenshot / New York Daily News

Cornel West and New York City religious leaders protest Friday in Harlem.

Less than a week after his arrest on the steps of the Supreme Court, the activist and Princeton professor was cuffed in Harlem.

Cornel West was protesting the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy in front of a police precinct in Harlem with dozens of other activists when police began to arrest those who had gotten too close to the station.

The group of demonstrators had marched north from the Occupy Wall Street home base at Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan. They congregated in front of the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building on 125th Street to protest the stop-and-frisk policy, which they say unfairly targets Hispanic and black men.

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Police arrested 30 protesters on disorderly conduct charges after they blocked the precinct’s entrance. West and other organizers said that they intended to get arrested. Among those taken in were religious leaders, another New York City college professor, and Carl Dix, spokesman for the Revolutionary Communist Party.

The movement against stop-and-frisk has been gaining steam recently as New York politicians have criticized NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly for relying on the tactic too heavily. State Senator Eric Adams condemned the policy, saying it’s an “example of how this city’s police culture has been allowed to cultivate racist and sexist mentalities in some of its officers.”

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