The McRib on Twitter: Definitely Not an Official Marketing Plan

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Obviously, some people have actually eaten the McRib — otherwise it wouldn’t be back taunting us. But for those who instead simply choose to mock the sandwich, a Twitter account has that covered, and dishes out plenty of taunts already.

With McDonald’s delighting the McRib’s cult following by announcing the 500-calorie sandwich will grace outlets nationwide until mid-November (and not just at willy-nilly locations at the whim of individual stores) for just the third time since its 1982 debut, the pork, onion, pickle and sauce creation has proven its mainstream success by racking up over 1,700 followers on a rejuvenated Twitter account.

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But don’t think this is a McDonald’s marketing ploy. This feed is definitely unauthorized. While nothing new (like the Monday excitement of the McRib announcement), the renewed fame of the McRib has allowed the person behind the account to again get busy making fun of everything from the rubbery consistency of the pork to the way you could feel after consumption.

The McRib isn’t shy about retweets and @ mentions either, even sending a shout-out to our own Claire Suddath and NewsFeed as a whole.

As everything from a professional ballplayer’s beard to the Xerox machine on the television show Mad Men boast Twitter accounts, why not the well-known McRib? Love it or not, the McRib gets us all talking (or at least tweeting).

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