After Facebook Campaign, Jack the Cat Found Alive at JFK Airport

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Here’s some news to warm your little cat-loving hearts: Jack the cat is safe and sound.

Jack is the tabby cat whose owner, Karen Pasco, had checked him into the American Airlines baggage area at New York’s JFK Airport before she boarded a flight to escape Hurricane Irene back in August. However, in preparation for the storm, parts of the airport were closed down and Jack somehow got loose from his cargo cage. One extended search and an angry Facebook group later, still no trace of Jack could be found.

Until late Tuesday night, that is: an employee found the missing feline in an airport customs room. The cat has been taken to a Queens veterinarian hospital where’s he’s being treated for dehydration.

American Airlines has issued a public apology to Pasco and Jack, and even offered the cat a free flight to California to be reunited with his owner. However, after his ordeal, we can’t imagine Jack wants to go near an airport anytime soon.

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