Conan O’Brien to Officiate Same-Sex Wedding on Upcoming Show

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Donato Sardella / Getty

Conan O'Brien will wed a gay couple on an upcoming live show

He’s grown (and shaved) a beard, opened a museum, made a guest appearance on Fallon, and now Conan O’Brien is going for something a little more legal–officiating a gay wedding on his show.

The wedding will occur on air during one of next week’s live shows that O’Brien is taping in New York to commemorate his one-year anniversary at TBS.

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Whether or not the televised nuptials are a drive for higher ratings, the shindig is for real: the couple is a long-time staffer of O’Brien’s and his partner.

The only other late-night talk show wedding was between Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki on The Tonight Show in 1969, a televised marriage ceremony that shattered late-night ratings records. Mundane events like marriage proposals and gubernatorial campaign announcements, on the other hand, are far more numerous.

O’Brien is filming his live shows at the Beacon Theater from October 31-November 3. There is no word on whether O’Brien is legally able to officiate a wedding in New York.

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