‘Pregnant Man’ Thomas Beatie Reveals Plans to Get Hysterectomy

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The Doctors

The couple that gets hysterectomies together, stays together? Thomas Beatie and his wife are probably hoping that’s true.

Beatie, better known as “the pregnant man,” announced on The Doctors his decision to have his uterus surgically removed on The Doctors.

Beatie was born biologically female but underwent sex reassignment surgery in 2002. He never had his female reproductive organs removed, which allowed him to carry he and his wife’s three children.  Nancy, his wife, had had a hysterectomy before the couple decided to become parents. Now, Beatie hopes that the surgery will allow him to establish his status as a male.

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His success in having a family has not made his life easier. Last year, the couple moved to Arizona from their home in Bend, Oregon, after their house was repossessed. Additionally, his T-shirt printing business, Define Normal, folded after his unusual situation became national news.

He says he tried to appear on Dancing with the Stars this year but was beaten to the punch by transgender contestant Chaz Bono. Beatie told TMZ that Cher’s daughter-turned-son “stole his thunder” as producers did not think there was room for two transgender contestants.

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