The Lazy Girl’s Dating Aid: A Dress That Flirts For You

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Hey ladies, are you a little shy when it comes to revealing your feelings? Or are you too impatient to bother with the whole batting your eyelashes thing? Either way, now there is now a dress to help you with all that flirting.

Dutch designers Studio Roosegaarde in collaboration with V2_Lab and fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht have created a dress that turns transparent when you’re hot and bothered. It’s basically Hypercolor for the techie set.

According to an article in Fast Co. Design, the dress combines embedded sensors and “smart foils” that become see-through when zapped by electricity. The e-dress is made from a single sheet of material that is cut into a pattern and fastened to give volume and shape. The end result looks like a winning Project Runway creation, if the designers had less attitude and more actual computer-geek chops.

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However, even notoriously stoic judge Nina Garcia would be forced to be impressed with the bells and whistles on this outfit. When you’re feeling flustered (and not in a heated political discussion kind of way) the dress reacts by turning transparent, which in most cultures is a sure sign that you’re ready for a grown-up play date. If you’re just not that into your potential suitor, the dress helpfully says “no way” on your behalf by staying firmly opaque.

This racy little number isn’t for the faint of heart, though. Regardless of how frisky you’re feeling and the level of transparency of the material, the dress has a plunging neckline and revealing cut-outs that show some serious skin. Which is, of course, how pre-e-dress generations flirted.