Soccer Team Places Twitter Handles on Jerseys

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Courtesy of Jaguares

The use of our family names as worthwhile can last only so long. For a Mexican soccer club, that use was replaced by something far more important: Twitter handles.

In an obvious case of self-promotion (and, really, what isn’t self promotion anymore, wonders @TIMENewsFeed?), the Mexican Primera Division side Jaguares de Chiapas switched out the names of players on the back of jerseys with that player’s Twitter handle.

Then, to take it to the next step, just below that you can find the Twitter handles of the club’s sponsor, @CervezaSol. To make it all so cute, the Twitter names get printed in white letters atop a Twitter-blue box on the red shirts.

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The Jaguares aren’t the first to place Twitter advertisements on their jerseys. Valencia, a club in Spain’s La Liga, placed the club’s Twitter handle in the traditional sponsor location on the front of its jersey.

Jaguares and Valencia both have work ahead of them, though. One of Jaguares most popular players, Jackson Martinez, has tweeted only twice and has only 800 followers at @jacksonm9.

Valencia has 47,000 followers, but that is nothing compared to the top soccer players in the world. Ricardo Kaka—@kaka—leads the pack with over six million and Cristiano Ronaldo—@cristiano—is right behind with over five million. Note that neither of them bother using two names anymore either.

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