Forever 21 Back in Harsh Spotlight for ‘Oriental Girl’ Necklace

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Screenshot via Jezebel

Usually when fashion labels attempt to be edgy, it’s meant to be fashion-forward design. But Forever 21 is once again perpetuating backward stereotypes with its latest accessory line.

After pulling the “Allergic to Algebra” shirt due to backlash from bloggers, Forever 21 is again in the spotlight for a line of necklaces portraying culturally insensitive depictions of a Native American girl as well as an Asian girl.

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As first spotted by the blog Fashionista, the company sells a necklace with the image of an Asian girl, labeled as an “Oriental Girl Necklace.” While Forever 21 seems to have removed the offensive $1.50 pendant (when we checked, it was out of stock), Stylelite points out that the company belongs to a Korean-American family.

Last month Urban Outfitters also came under fire for a line of accessories and clothing using the word Navajo to describe a pattern. After coming under harsh criticism, the brand changed the names overnight, removing “Navajo” from all merchandise. Forever 21’s “Allergic to Algebra” fiasco followed JCPenney’s controversy over a “I’m Too Pretty To Do Homework” t-shirt. It seems as if Forever 21 is following the trend of bad stereotypes.

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