Man, Now Divorced, Sues Photographer to Recreate Missed Wedding Scenes

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Enraged that the photographer for his 2003 nuptials missed the last moments of the day, a New York man is suing the photo company he hired for $48,000 to recreate the wedding so it can be re-shot. Oh, and did we mention that he’s now divorced?

That’s right, eight years after the fact, Todd J. Remis is suing H & H Photographers on the grounds that the photographer missed key moments of the day, such as the last dance and the bouquet toss. Yet, not only does Remis want the $4100 he paid the company to be reimbursed, he is also asking for nearly 50 grand to stage a blast-from-the-past wedding. According to the New York Times, Remis, an equity research analyst, testified that he wants “the wedding recreated exactly as it was so that the remaining 15 percent of the wedding that was not shot can be shot.” No matter that the marriage began to dissolve before he filed the lawsuit in 2009, or that his ex-wife, Milena Grzibovska, is believed to live in Latvia now. Remis wants those memories “documented for eternity.”

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While it’s understandable that someone would have a grievance after spending a few thousand dollars on photos and feeling let down, it’s deeply suspicious that Remis took so long to file the suit, doing so just before the statute of limitations ran out. And it’s just plain bizarre that he’s demanding a new wedding. Our guess is that it’s all an elaborate ruse to try to force a reunion with his ex-wife. Maybe Remis thinks that if he can recreate their day, he could recreate their love as well. Which is sort of sweet if you think about it. Then again, if you think about it a little more, you realize that it’s quite a ridiculous way to waste the legal system’s time and loads of H & H’s money — the owners have already spent $50,000 in legal fees fighting the lawsuit.

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