So This Exists: Occupy Wall Street, the Coloring Book

At the very least, it will keep your child "occupied." (Sorry.)

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Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.

Wondering the best way to explain Occupy Wall Street to your 9-year-old? How about a coloring book?

Out today, “Occupy” is a 36-page coloring book depicting the events and opinions surrounding the Occupy movement. As detailed on the St. Louis-based Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. website, the book also includes “newly written ‘Occupy’ songs, poems and games and a true to life ‘Guilt Relief Donation Form’ for the overburdened 1%!”

But publisher Wayne Bell emphasizes that none of their books aim to take a position. “We try to represent what people tell us,” Bell explained to FOX Charlotte. The book is the result of 400 hours of work from a team of five people over two and a half weeks, and in just 48 hours the “Occupy” coloring book has already sold 1000 copies.

So, what exactly should you expect to be coloring? Tents in Zuccotti Park? Pictures of tear gas sweeping through Occupy Oakland?

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Well, sort of. There’s a page with a police officer surveying a group of protestors at Zuccotti, a page with three members of Anonymous carrying the Golden Bull, as well as a word cloud filled with Occupy buzzwords. The book also includes “modern and historical figures with quotations from Plato to O’Reilly, Hannity to Maddow, Obama to Boehner,” according to the site. Occupiers seems to be happy with the book’s fair representation of all sides, and a few protesters in Charlotte who took a peek at the book issued their seal of approval.

The $6.99 book can be purchased on Barnes and Noble’s website or on Amazon, and joins the publisher’s canon of “cultural event” books including Obama’s inauguration, 9/11, and the Tea Party.

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