Skinny Dipping: Dippin’ Dots Files for Bankruptcy

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Courtesy of Dippin' Dots

A new Dippin' Dots holiday flavor, peppermint with Oreo.

Not enough people have dipped spoons into the “ice cream of the future” lately. Dippin’ Dots has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, putting the thaw on the frozen treat that was supposed to revolutionize the ice-cream industry.

With sales limited mostly to theme parks and stadiums, the flash-frozen “beads” of flavored ice cream haven’t experienced an influx of cash, which led to owing more than $11 million to Regions Bank.

While all the rage after its 1988 debut, the expensive process of cryogenically freezing small batches of the product sends the consumer price of the treat to new heights, too.

Ben and Jerry’s can continue to makes waves simply by rolling out controversial names to its ice cream repertoire, but Dippin’ Dots gets press only when it struggles to pay loans.

But don’t let all your hopes that Dippin’ Dots survives melt away. The 1980s are making a comeback these days. Oh, that and the fact that Dippin’ Dots promises a restructuring and no interruption to its service.

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