Watch: Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Has ‘Viral’ Written All Over It

Ashley Richmond and her dad decided to swap slow dancing for something spiffier.

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Sometimes, getting married just isn’t special enough. Ashley Richmond decided to up the ante by choreographing a father-daughter dance to a mix of Motown favorites and contemporary hits.


What started out as a sweet slow-dance to “My Girl” quickly turned into a two-person dance party between Richmond and her father David. The result? A palpably joyous celebration of a beloved daughter-turned-bride. Plus, good old dad got a chance to show off his shockingly good rendition of the “Stanky Legg” and “Single Ladies” dances.

The only downside to the adorable display of daddy-daughter closeness (and good dancing genes) was the butt grab-and-shake that happens at 2:24. Even with that, the dance surely made this wedding an affair to remember.

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