Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Asks Parents To Lie To Children, Hilarity Ensues

In his defense, Kimmel claims he didn't expect so much crying.

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Lying to your children isn’t always the best idea, but when a late-night talk show host asks you to do it, you obey his orders.

That’s what many parents did when Jimmy Kimmel requested that willing parents videotape themselves telling their children they ate all of their Halloween candy.

Reactions ranged from sheer anger (that shirtless kid went to town on that unsuspecting wall next to him) to doubt, with no shortage of tears in between.

Almost more entertaining than the extreme backlash was the adorable pair of brothers at the end who turned the tables and lectured their parents for the faux-transgression.

Kimmel played the reel of the strongest–and therefore, most hilarious–reactions on his show and thanked all of the sneaky moms and dads out there for deceiving their offspring so.

Hopefully, those angry and/or tearful reactions aren’t a sign of things to come in those kids’ futures. Otherwise, parents might need to start preparing for the “truth about Santa Claus” conversation.