Herman Cain Defiant About Harassment Allegations on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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You know it’s primary season when an under-fire candidate appears on a late-night show following a press conference held by a celebrity lawyer so a self-proclaimed victim can tell her side of a sexual harassment story. That’s right, it’s just another day in the increasingly bizarre campaign of Republican primary hopeful Herman Cain.

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The former Godfather’s Pizza mogul appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday as his campaign desperately tried to fight a continuing onslaught of ugly allegations threatening to derail his bid for the White House. Earlier in the day a fourth woman claimed — this time in front of TV cameras flanked by Gloria Allred — that Cain had tried to molest her in the back of a car while he was head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s.

On the show, Cain wasted no time in acknowledging Sharon Bialek’s accusations as he sat down with Kimmel. He labeled his latest accuser “the fourth woman,” claimed she was “a little surprise to show up on TV” and promised to “set the record straight” at a press conference Tuesday. Aside from that, the 2012 contender also talked pot, that weird campaign video with his campaign manager Mark Block smoking — and how his wife is really a Democrat.

Watch the video above, and read more at TIME Entertainment.

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