Tumblr of the Week: The Books They Gave Me

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Laurie Rubin / Getty

One of things NewsFeed loves most about Tumblr is its knack at bringing individual things we love together. This week’s Tumblr is no exception. The Books They Gave Me features little stories and vignettes from contributors who recount books given to them by lovers, past and present.

Some of the tales are sweetly romantic, conjuring up memories of young love or, rather, fresh love. There’s the post that recounts how a book of William Blake poetry provided the perfect opportunity to woo. There’s also the post about how a Nick Flynn memoir helped a young couple, now married, first connect.

Of course, there’s also the posts about love gone awry: the couple who attempted to read James Joyce together and broke up before they finished or the teenage girl who realized in hindsight that receiving Lolita from her older boyfriend should have been a warning sign. But even the stories of lost love are still uplifting. After all, relationships may come and go, but good literature lasts forever.

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