Canadian Trades Twitter Username for Free Trip to Buffalo Bills Game

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Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Kirk Morrison #58 of the Buffalo Bills plays against the Detroit Lions at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 1, 2011 in Orchard Park, New York

A 20 year-old Canadian business student owes his parents big time. Thanks to his name, Kirk Morrison just had one heck of a weekend.

It turns out that Buffalo Bills player Kirk Morrison was keen to switch his Twitter handle from @kirkmorrison55 to @kirkmorrison because he’s changed jersey numbers from 55 to 58 since switching sides from the Jacksonville Jaguars. Only problem: a University of Regina student already possessed that exact Twitter name.

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The linebacker reached out to the student and made him an offer he (clearly) couldn’t refuse: in return for a fully paid VIP trip for two with sideline passes to a Bills home game of his choosing, the non-famous Morrison made one of the more random trades of the season by giving up his Twitter identity.

Canadian Kirk chose this past weekend’s game against AFC East rivals the New York Jets, and took his brother Kent along for the ride. NFL Kirk flew them to Toronto, before they got into a town car ordered by the Bills for the drive to Buffalo.

The meeting of the two Kirk Morrisons on Saturday was, by all accounts, a delight. “He is such a great guy,” said fan Kirk of player Kirk to the Regina Leader-Post. “He was super nice and friendly with us and happy to see us.” And this wasn’t mere bluster: NFL Kirk had already told the AP that he was “pumped up” about meeting his namesake.

And there’s more: After Buffalo fans heard about the deal, they invited the fan (via Twitter, naturally) to some special pregame tailgate parties where he got to meet legendary Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, who was “grilling up burgers.” (They really take care of their own in Buffalo, huh?)

Further fun before and after the game took place (and during the game, they sat with NFL’s Morrison’s mother!) before Kirk returned to his routine of college life in Saskatchewan. The only downer must have been the scoreline as the Jets finally won on the road, dominating the Bills, 27-11.

As for fan Kirk, you can locate him at his new Twitter handle @KirkMorrison91 (which is a reference to the year that he was born rather than his being signed up by the Bills). As for NewsFeed, we’re changing our name to Aaron Rodgers immediately. (via Yahoo)

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