Reading While Eating for November 9: In Real Time

Wednesday's links look back at history and ponder the future.

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Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

The steps at the Occupy LA camp in Los Angeles, California, November 8, 2011.

Jolly Good: Brits and Americans take their humor (or humour) quite differently. Ricky Gervais explains the differences. (TIME Ideas)

Living in Public: A couple in the Boston area decided to get into a huge argument at a Burger King. Little did they know their loud spat got live-tweeted. (The Daily What)

Techy Recipes: Some foodies say the iPad is making cookbooks obsolete. We’d argue Google did that a while ago. (New York Times)

Scary Sea: Need some fodder for your nightmares? Check out these creepy undersea characters. (LIFE)

Fairy-Tale History: Meet the two young German women who may have been the inspiration for Snow White. (Mental Floss)

Viral Video: Watch this surfer break a record by surfing a 90-foot wave. (Gizmodo)