Dog Eats $1000 in Cash, Only Returns $900

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Mike Kemp / Rubberball / Getty Images

Dogs are notoriously indiscriminate when it comes to food. NewsFeed has known dogs to chow down on entire pizzas and blocks of cheese. These are some pricey snacks, to be sure – but one Florida pooch sure knows how to tear through her owners’ cash. By literally eating their money.

Tuity, a four-year-old chow/Labrador mix, chowed down on $1,000 left on a countertop. Her owners had left the ten $100 bills in an envelope, ready to head to the bank. But the money sooner found its way into Tuity’s stomach. When St. Augustine resident Christy Lawrenson returned home, she found shreddings of the bills around the house, and a guilty dog sitting nearby.

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“She ate the bill, the envelope … everything,” Lawrenson told the St. Augustine Record. After inducing the dog to cough up the cash, the Lawrensons were able to piece together the bills, to the tune of $900.

Their bank replaced the nine bills for crisp ones, but one of the Benjamins was beyond repair.  That’s because Tuity ate too many serial numbers to make it valid. The Lawrensons sent the tattered bill to the Department of Treasury with an explanation in hopes that the government will replace it. And then, we can only presume, the fresh cash will find its way to the bank, far away from Tuity’s tastebuds.

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