Catvertising: An Ad Agency Trend We Wish Were Real

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Toronto-based ad agency John St. knows what the people want, and it’s not commercials. It’s cat videos.

In this parody video, the agency who brought us the viral sensation “Pink Ponies: A Case Study” is now turning its attention to another animal, one that has effectively taken over the Internet: Cats. That’s right: Fluffy, funny and adorable cats.

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The serious (and hilarious) video discusses how cat videos are becoming “an unbelievably effective new business tool,” which John St. promises to capitalize on by creating the world’s first and only catvertising agency, complete with kitty video studio. Their stated goal is to integrate cat videos into every part of the consumer experience. We say, bring it on.

In fact, while this video is supposed to be pure satire, we think that John St. is on to something here. Catvertising is the next logical step after the creation of Kittywood Studios, which mass-produces feline-focused web videos. After all, kitty videos (like this one or this one) can be so powerful, they just might be able to halt wars or end human suffering. Or at least make your day a little brighter.

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