Cat-astrophe: British Prime Minister’s Feline Can’t Catch Mice

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Is this the Downing Street cat’s Neville Chamberlain moment?

Some are calling on No. 10’s Larry the cat to resign after a mouse was seen scampering across the floor during a recent prime ministerial dinner. The Prime Minister David Cameron resorted to chucking a silver fork at the mouse, while cabinet member Iain Duncan Smith said: “Where’s Larry when you need him?”

But is the 4-year-old tabby, who arrived at the PM’s residence in February from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, practicing appeasement when it comes to the residence’s rodents?

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Cameron has brushed aside such accusations in the past, calling Larry “a good mouser” in June. A government spokesman said Larry had demonstrated “a very strong predatory drive.”

Inside sources say, however, that Larry now spends most days lounging and socializing with Maisie, a cat who lives in the keeper’s cottage at nearby St. James’ Park. Who can blame him, when his meals are provided gratis by the Prime Minister’s staff?

Still, there is no sign that Larry will be forced to resign. “Larry brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of people,” said the Prime Minister’s spokesman.