Marc Jacobs’ Spring Collection Reportedly Stolen in Europe

There is one fashionable thief walking around out there.

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Getty Images

Marc Jacobs, in happier times.

Who ever thought the time would come when we’d be calling Marc Jacobs a fashion victim?

No, he’s not a robot-like fashionista who slavishly follows trends. Rather, an entire collection of his spring 2012 sample sizes have reportedly vanished from a train leaving Paris.

Jacobs’s spring collection of sample sizes was aboard a train en route to London when disaster struck. The entire collection, which consisted of 46 looks, was allegedly stolen. The collection was making its way to London for a European press day but, unfortunately, instead of photographable frocks, fashion editors received bad news via email. “The Marc Jacobs PR team is sorry to inform you that our press day tomorrow in the Marc Jacobs store is cancelled, due to the theft of the spring/summer 2012 collections during its transfer from Paris,” read the email sent to editors, including those at the Telegraph.

There’s speculation that the garments are likely on their way to a factory to be reproduced en masse for knockoff sale prices. It’s certainly not the most horrendous crime to be committed in fashion — we’re look at you, Galliano, for that one — it is likely a huge headache for the Marc Jacobs staff. Then again, the Wall Street Journal reports that an unnamed source has said the story is false, so perhaps the whole thing is just an elaborate publicity stunt. Either way, we’ll be keeping our eye out for ridiculously low-priced iridescent dropwaist dresses.

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