Snacks of the 1%: Introducing Gold-Infused Cheese

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Long Clawson

Not the human cheese

Are you stumped over the menu for your Christmas cocktail party? Do you want to make sure your shindig stands out in a sea of holiday gatherings? Or perhaps you just want to throw a bash with a couple of Real Housewives. Whatever your reasoning, do we have a holiday party tip for you: This year alongside the mulled wine and mistletoe, the 1% may be offering cheese infused with real gold.

Britain’s Long Clawson Dairy created the egregious display of disposable income by infusing Stilton with real edible gold leaf and cinnamon Schnapps. (Teenagers, please note: The cheese will not get your drunk.) Long Clawson Dairy spokesperson Janice Breedon told “We wanted to create something special, a unique Stilton cheese, for the Christmas market.”

The sparkly Stilton costs a pretty penny though. At £60 per 100-gram slice (that’s roughly $100 for 2 ounces, or approximately 200 times more expensive than Velveeta) the cheese isn’t going to be topping too many crackers come Christmas. While the cost alone is prohibitive for many, for others, more concerns arise when serving a precious metal for an appetizer. For example, besides the obvious question of what what wine pairs with gold, the bigger issue is what blinged-out cracker could deign to sit underneath such a cheese?

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