A Blast from the Past: Third Eye Blind Pens ‘Occupy’ Protest Anthem

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Charles Eshelman / FilmMagic

Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins performs on Good Morning America in New York City in 2009.

The 90s is calling – and they’ve dialed up a pop-rock anthem to galvanize the Occupy protests. Third Eye Blind, of 1990s fame, released what seems to be the first song overtly referring to the Occupy Wall Street Protests. The song, titled “If There Ever Was a Time,” is as much a call to action as it is a commemoration of the protests, which are currently in their second month. The song waxes poetic about the New York City park where the movement took hold.  “Come on meet me down at Zuccotti Park,” goes the chorus.

Pardon our skepticism, but it seems a bit strange for a pop band to be joining the 99%. Classic protest songs have typically come from artists ingrained in the movement (see Dylan, Bob and Seeger, Pete).  Perhaps this is Third Eye Blind’s way of becoming relevant again?

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In all fairness, the band’s frontman Stephan Jenkins has always been outspoken on social issues: “Slow Motion” painted a portrait of urban decay, “Jumper” tackled suicide and homophobia, and even their most famous song, “Semi-Charmed Life” was about the perils of drug addiction.

It remains to be seen if a poppy anthem from a band that’s been relatively quiet for a decade will have an impact today.  “I hope we flood this movement with music,” Jenkins writes on the band’s website. At very least,  it will drown out the drum circles.

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