Reading While Eating For November 21: Bizarro World Zeitgeist

Today's must-read links for your lunch hour take the popular current events and flip them on their head.

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Bernadett Szabo / Reuters

A man relaxes at the Rudas Bath during "Night of Baths" in Budapest on November 20.

Off-Beat Humor or Just Off?: The New Yorker‘s brand-spanking new TV critic, Emily Nussbaum, wonderfully nails the problems with Whitney Cummings’ sitcoms “2 Broke Girls” and “Whitney”. (The New Yorker)

Photo Force: Photojournalist Jodi Bieber describes her best shot ever, which just so happens to be a memorable Time cover. (Guardian)

One More Strike Against the 1%: While those of us flying coach are forced to deal with cramped seats and long waits, airlines are falling all over themselves to treat first class passengers like kings. Read it and weep, coach travelers. (New York Times)

Soundbites From a Would-Be Assassin: Before Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez allegedly attempted to assassinate President Obama, he auditioned for Oprah. Here are ten choice lines from the tape, which make for a creepy yet quick read. (Daily Intel)

Brought To You By The Letter K: Unfortunately, reality TV has had a huge impact on baby names. Thanks, Kardashians! (The New Republic)

Drive-Thru: We really didn’t want to like the Funny or Die parody of the movie Drive because it lacks both Ryan Gosling and the original film’s awesome soundtrack. Yet, somehow, we found ourselves chuckling, not to mention craving fast food.  (BuzzFeed)

Viral Video: The video is called “Lovely Owl” which pretty much describes it in a nutshell. Who else wants an owl for Christmas now? (YouTube)