Reading While Eating for November 22: Duality and Duos

Here are the must-read links for your lunch hour.

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Thomas Peter / Reuters

A Ferris wheel and Christmas market lights are reflected in the plexiglass boards of an ice ring as people skate in Alexanderplatz, Berlin November 21, 2011.

Celeb vs. Celeb: What’s more fun than imagining celebs bad-mouthing one another? Nothing! This fun little article from the hilarious Richard Lawson imagines which actors hate each other and why. (Atlantic Wire)

Trip Down Memory Lane: This fun interactive map re-traces the route found in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath which was published some 70 years ago. Still amazing. (Guardian)

Perturbing Portraits: This remarkable photo-essay shows convicted inmates who are terminally ill and dying in prison hospices. Complexly moving and very powerful. (Los Angeles Times)

Bipartisan Tuesday: Here’s something for everyone: an article tracing how and why liberals are unreasonable and an article arguing that the GOP is out of touch with the real world. Everyone wins/loses. (New York Magazine / New York Magazine)

Myth Bustin’: One interpid journalist attempts to debunk the rumor that teens are using vodka-soaked tampons to get buzzed. Gross, but still… interesting. (Huffington Post)

Viral Video: It’s more disturbing than a single frame of UC Irvine students being pepper-sprayed, but Andy Baio’s synchronized four angle video of the incident is also more powerful. (YouTube)